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Can we book a tour for tomorrow?

Theorically it's not... But in practice and especially in case of emergency call us to see if we can make a miracle happens!

You have to book at least 4 days before the event to be sure we can organize your event. But don't forget that the sooner is the best !

How long will your tour last?

It takes about 20 minutes per challenge. Then we add bonus challenges, so that you have 10 challenges to achieve. Your event will last between 2h and 3h! The estimated time is also written nexte to the title of every formula we are offering.

At what times can I book an intripid challenge tour?

Every day from 10am to 10pm only because the challenges are linked to the schedules of our dear partners! In case of exceptional need to make a trip earlier or later than normal hours call us and we'll see what we can do! (we are always ready to wake up early if it makes you happy !)

If one or more people in the group have a particular diet / religion / taste that does not allow them to achieve all the challenges, is it possible to adapt the tour?

At Intripid we understand that among a group of friends some of them may not have the same tastes or beliefs and that is why all our challenges are adaptable so that at the end everyone has fun! Every challenge where alcohol is included drinks can also be non alcoholic ! 

Are all participants obliged to pay even if they do not participate to every challenges?

During an Intripid journey all the challengers are participating! The referee will be there to make sure everyone have fun and watch out for the cheat to give you a yellow card and drink a shot!

Is it possible to pay a tour in several times?

You have the choice between paying a 20% ​​deposit (The remaining 80% are debited automatically on the day of the event) or all at once.

Should we plan a particular outfit? / What happens if it rains?

Our tours take place partly outside but you will do most of the challenges with our warm partners who will welcome you with a smile! For the sports tour (in the Boulogne park) we advise you to take clothes that can handle dirt and / or hot when needed!

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